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Welcome 2014 for nice flights!

Friday, March 14th 2014: 4 pages on the Himalayas with Klaus in VSD (a French magazine)

Keep an eye out in the next issue of VSD magazine (Friday Saturday Sunday) on Thursday, March 20th. You can read a four-page article on Klaus Ohlmann's glider journey in the Himalayas ... A powerful means to communicate our passion to a wide audience. It is also one of the goals he has set for this Himalayan mission and it will be the same for him in the future ... Helping more people discover the glider sport.

Thursday, February 27th 2014:D-KKOP is back at LFTM!

Klaus, the Yeti of Himalaya, has returned

This afternoon, Klaus, back from Nepal flying his motorglider Stemme D-KKOP, landed on the airfield at Serres-La Batie.
This ends an incredible adventure!

Just in time to tackle the beginning of the glider season which is tomorrow.

February 17th 2014 : Good news - a new comer to Serres ;)

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Quo Vadis /Eagles has just bought a double-seater GROB G-103 Twin Astir. It comes from the Czech Republic and will be in use for the training at the beginning of the season. It will be Robin's new compagnon for basic training as well as mountain training. It may also be rented, depending on availability.
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February 6th: Video - Climb on board with Klaus for a tour over M. Everest!

Click on the photo to see the HD video

February 1st 2014 : Himalaya - Mission Accomplished!

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A pure glider on top of the world!

Klaus has been able to acheive his dream by conquering Mount Everest in a glider (without using the engine) through a combinatino of thermals, rotors  and wave. Here is his story.
A more complete report, videos and photos will no doubt be available in the coming weeks. In a few days, Klaus will return to Serres flying the Stemme.

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Mission accomplished, back to Pokhara.

30.01.2014 : Himalaya, news from Klaus - Video


An other video HQ

You saw certainly never Everest like that

January 2014 : A nod to the coming season

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Robin take off at Céüze

Robin was airborne again at Céüze while waiting for the opening of the glider season on March 1st. Ah, what doesn't happen when dealing with the need to fly!
The sky on the airfield was recently painted with a full rainbow. A stunning reminder of just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area.

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January 20th, 2014:Patience, in less than forty days, il all begins again! ;)

While waiting for the beginning of March, watch a small video here.

December 10th 2013: Himalya - Here we go again!

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News from Klaus:see Nepal - Greenflight  or Anssi Soila's blog

Dynamic Soaring:How the Wandering Albatross Can Fly for Free

The wandering albatross spends weeks, even months, at sea without ever returning to land. With precise GPS data and custom navigation software, researchers have finally figured out how.
Click here for the explanations.

0n course to Kathmandu - Dream becomes alive

We are pleased to present you the flight of Klaus Ohlmann and Anssi Soila to join Nepal. They fly the Stemme D-KKOP for a mesurments camp that will take place in Pokhara in november. Tha Mountain wave project is collaborating with other research organisations for this Huge work.
To know more about, see Nepal - Greenflight or Anssi Soila's blog

Saturday, October 12th 2013: The season is over!

The gliders have deserted Serres-La Bâtie until March 1st 2014. Klaus is departing for a scientific mission with the Stemme. More information here.
Nevertheless others are still on here and are preparing your season in 2014. Marta, Loow, Robin and Jano will be the watchers for this winter so your stay in 2014 takes place under the best conditions.
Enjoy a great winter and see you soon on the airfield ;)

Sunday, September 8th 2013: Last week - a very nice week

Great weather, a lot of people on the ground and beautiful flights. Even grasshoppers and swallows enjoyed this time worthy of August! But it must said, that generally September is very pleasant in Serres-La Bâtie although the days begin to shorten.
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September 2nd, 2013: While flying, as well as on the road, be careful!

Today our friends from the Sens gliding club - Sens is a town 100 km south of Paris - came to get their ASK13, which was damaged on the road. Well, 10 days ago during their trip to attend the annual meeting for ASK13 gliders in St Crepin, they had an accident their way down the Lus-la-Croix-Haute pass near La Faurie. After overtaking a car with their trailer, the hitch started to oscillate uncontrollably which lead them off the road. The result is on the of photos and causing train interruptions and a traffic jam while waiting for the wrecker to load the trailer then to leave it  at Serres-La Bâtie. Fortunately  only the equipment was damaged! Today they came to get their wounded bird. But no worries, knowing them, the restoration of the glider will be done skillfully and Sens's ASK13 will probably  be flying next year in St Crepin again. We should soon see them in Serres again because a second trip will be done to retrieve the trailer, which is therefore not an abandoned wreck.
The moral being: Be
​​also careful on the road and remember "Chi va piano, va sano." meaning "Who goes slowly, goes safely."

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August 13th 2013: These croissants and baguettes are so good!

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As you can see the baker at Serres of the Marmotte Gourmande is eagerly awaited for on the airfield! He comes every day, except for Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, between 8am and 8:30. You know when he's nearby when you hear his car horn honking.

August 8th 2013: Glider flying in the Ecrins National

Parc National des Écrins

Here is a map showing the glider flying rules in the Ecrins National Park. The corridors are allowed at more than 2800 m above sea level and 1000 m in width. NB: The corridors outside of the boundaries of the park (purple line) are not subjected to any regulations. They are only there for a better understanding of how to use the corridors.
To integrate these corridors in your browser, you will find here the code lines to input (thank's Martin for the file).

August 6th 2013: So many pilots!

Big crowds are now on the airfield.
See the video here.

The person who gives the exact number of gliders and trailers visible on the video may be entitled to a basket of local products!

Monday, July 22nd : They're here!

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Our 2 models are presenting the new hats with the Eagles logo.
They are now available - the hats that is - at the office.
They come in 2 colours - white or blue - and the price is 8 €. Useful at this end of July for sun protection and even thunderstorms ;)

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July 10th :thunderstorms !

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Since a few days, there are thunderstorms every afternoon. but we could fly 5 hours on sunday and monday, 4 ours on tusday. Of course we do not go very far, we need to come back to the airfield befor the heavy rain and lightnings. Anyway, we learn every day.

June 24th: The departure of the Blanik ;(

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This weekend, it's with tears in our eyes, we have seen the Blanik D-9676 leave the airfield. For over 12 years, it was the campanion to a numerous amount of pilots and of course, Robin. A new chapter at Quo Vadis has begun! But don't be too sad, it's starting a new life in Russia. Here in Europe, it has been grounded for the last 2 years and would probably have ended up as scrap metal! So, seek new winds Blanik!

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June 10th 2013: From the Concorde to the Stemme!

Philippe, a former pilot of the majestic Concorde in the late 80's, came to enjoy a long flight in the Stemme with Klaus. From a supersonic to a super sailplane; different feelings but just as exhilarating!

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May 18th, 2013:A record attempt!

Klaus took off early this morning with his Stemme (before the bad weather caught him up) for an attempt on a continental record for 2000 km towards Austria.
Good luck!

April 2013: Quo Vadis /Eagles : It's a DYNAMIC!

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Quo Vadis / Eagles has rented for 4 months an Ultra-light Dynamic WT9 as a tug-plane. It used to second the trusty Rallye 180 CV "Marsupilami".

All about the UL Dynamic WT9 tug here.

April 2013: For your safety, a document to be read or to re-read!

This is an additional document both technical & illustrated by the French Gliding Federation's "SAFETY AIMS" concerning risks and threats linked to mountain flying.


March 30th, 2013: an unusual March!

March was singular. The beginning with very beautiful days of thermal and flights in wave towards the Grand Paradis and the Aosta Valley. The middle of March with the snow and a waterlogged runway which ground gliders during two days.

The end of March which, in spite of a whimsical weather, allowed very beautiful flights (18 hours of flight in three days). We make up the lost time and we benefit completely of days until last ones sunbeams and the first beams of the moon!

March 17th, 2013: update your FLARM!

For your safety and that of the other pilots think to update your Flarm with the last version 5.09 of March, 2013. To download it is here.
And do not forget to look outside!!!

March 18th: snowfalls

The brave campers
The day mascot
In three days the spring!

March 16th, 2013: that as it would not be made to come to fly at Quo Vadis!

The chalets are full but some pilots don't fear the cold nights (-5°C this night). Passion for gliding!

march 2nd 2013, first flight

We finaly get rid of the snow on the airfield just in time. Weak ground and weak thermals for the first flight. The first gliders took off around 2 o'clock this afternoon.  We made the aerotows to the Aiguille and did very local flight to Aujour until sunset.

Towing: New in 2013

Starting March 2013, the minimum price charged for tows drops. Good news : Your tows will be cheaper especially in Mistral conditions!
 See new prices for towing.

"Pretty" trailor on the airfield!

How to promotegliding to neophytes who don't even know what lies behind the term "gliding"?
Well, today I saw on the field at Quo Vadis a trailer adorned with photos on stickers. The decoration is particularly educational and "inspires" non-pilots to learn more about our favourite activity. The trailer is form club in Strasbourg. We congratule them!

You can all learn to pilot a glider!!!!

Solar energy: 4 CO2-free world records with solarplane SEIKO Icaré 2

Seiko Icaré 2 with a happy Klaus Ohlmann

It needed some time for FAI to recognise the last world records of Klaus Ohlmann with the solarplane SEIKO Icaré2, but finally...My special thanks to Heinz Seidel for Transport and his tireless help and Jürgen Eckert, who invented a new documentationsystem for solarplanes in no time.
Special thanks of course for all the students and engineers from IFB Stuttgart, who made wings from a dream.
A small video from the record flight is here:

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